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What is SUNYFAP, Inc.?

State University of New York Financial Aid Professionals (SUNYFAP, Inc.) is an individual membership association, whose active membership is comprised of practicing Financial Aid Professionals from the state operated and community colleges of SUNY. Associate membership status is available to all interested professionals who qualify for active status.

SUNYFAP, Inc. is dedicated to fostering professional growth for its members; to develop professional communication and dialogue among Financial Aid personnel and related college and high school administrators; to serving as a professional forum for Financial Aid matters; to encouraging research, providing public services, engaging in liaison activities with SUNY System Administration; and to best serving the interests of applicants, the University, and the public.

SUNYFAP, Inc., in addition to providing informational mailings, organizes workshops, sponsors regional meetings, establishes committee activities, and conducts an Annual Conference that provides a wide range of information and training for the professional development of its membership.

The organization is governed by an Executive Committee comprised entirely of elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President, and six members-at-large to represent the various types of institutions within SUNY. All members are encouraged to actively participate in the activities of SUNYFAP, Inc.. Current members of the Executive Committee are noted as part of the SUNYFAP, Inc. Web site. You many call or e-mail them for additional membership details.

SUNYFAP, Inc. dues are thirty dollars ($30) per year; an amount determined by the Executive Committee and designed to encourage the broadest active participation of professionals in the organization.

SUNYFAP Lender Policy

The State University of New York Financial Aid Professionals Inc. (SUNYFAP) does not receive any money, gifts or compensation from any “lending institution” as defined in S620(8)a and S620(8)b of New York State Education Law (as passed by the NYS Legislature and signed by Governor Spitzer in May 2007).  Hence, SUNYFAP does not meet the definition of “lending institution” as defined in S620(8)c of New York Education Law.  Therefore, institutions of higher education in New York and employees of those institutions are NOT subject to any potential conflicts of interest or legal restrictions under NYS Education Law in their interactions with SUNYFAP.*

* This statement does not constitute, and should not be construed as, legal advice.